A delegation of Moscow doctors visited China by the Capital Healthcare program

As part of the implementation of the State Program of Moscow “Development of Healthcare in Moscow (Capital Healthcare)” with the support of the ANO Moscow Center for International Cooperation, from November 25 to December 02, 2023, employees of medical organizations of the Moscow State Healthcare System visited the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in order to exchange and study international experience in providing medical care.

The Russian delegation included the heads of the Scientific Research Institute of the Organization of Healthcare and Medical Management of DZM, GBU “Directorate for the Development of Healthcare Facilities in Moscow”, GBU of Moscow “Information and Service Bureau of DZM”, GBU “Directorate for the Coordination of activities of medical organizations providing inpatient and specialized medical care of DZM”, GBU “Scientific and practical Clinical Center for diagnostics and telemedicine technologies of DZM”, GBUZ “Children’s City Clinical Hospital of St. Vladimir DZM”.

The delegation visited the State Multidisciplinary “West China Hospital” (Chengdu), “West China Gynecological and Children’s Hospital” (Chengdu), the State Multidisciplinary “Central Women’s and Children’s Hospital” (Chengdu), the Clinical Medical Center of Public Health (Chengdu), the Second People’s Hospital (Chengdu), Tiantang Hospital at the Capital Medical University (Beijing) and Druzhba Hospital (Beijing).

During the visit, meetings held with the heads of the above-mentioned medical institutions, pediatric services, radiology departments, as well as representatives of the IT technology service. Chinese colleagues introduced the members of the Russian delegation to the basic principles of organizing the work of Chinese medical institutions, the digital transformation of healthcare, and the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies into practical medicine.

The Russian side introduced the Chinese colleagues to the main directions and results of research conducted at the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine, as well as the results of the work of the unique departments of the St. Vladimir Children’s City Clinical Hospital, which have generally recognized authority at the international level.

The visit of employees of medical organizations of the Moscow State Healthcare System to China laid the foundation for further practical cooperation within the framework of bilateral cooperation in the field of healthcare development.

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