The Second Caspian Economic Forum in Moscow

The Moscow Center for International Cooperation organized a practical conference of mayors of cities and municipalities of the Caspian region. It came as part of the visit of the delegation of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow Government to the II Caspian Economic Forum on October 4-7, 2022. The event attracted a large number of guests and participants – representatives of city authorities, federal and regional authorities, university rectors and many others.

The Russian side, the Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department Sergei Cheremin, noted the intention to actively develop foreign economic and international relations of the capital with the countries of the Caspian region, which in addition to Russia includes Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkmenistan, as well as the demand for such strategic projects as the North-South transport corridor, industrial clusters, food supplies from countries region and tourism.

The participants of the “Caspian Five” exchanged experience in conducting successful urban projects in such areas as: “smart city”, transport, provision of public services, introduction of innovations in education and healthcare.

The Moscow Center for International Cooperation provided multimedia support for the entire program of the II Caspian Economic Forum including its official bilingual website.

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